The Remembrancers are the protectors and gatherers of the worlds vast knowledge. The clan goes back hundreds of years and many stories/myths about them permeate the world. They do not argue the existance of the gods they accept it as fact, nore do they think that the magic of the gods goes beyond the magic in every one of us. They make it there duty and right to confirm all myths and legends they come into contact with. The most challenging and some of the most dangerous is the search for items with a great past. As normally if the item is not being put to use it is well guarded. For this there are the, “Finders of Truth”, the warrior brigade of The Remebrancers. Any mage is trained to become a Remembrancer so the brigade is manly made of Fighters of the Rembrance, and Finders and Aura Blades both born into the the Rembrancers they are trained for the purpose of hunting down the items and bringing them back. The “Finder of Truth” are some of the best equipped fighters in the world, as the purpose of the clan is not to keep the items. When a person returns the knowledge is recorded on the Remembrance, an Item only two in the clan can communicate with, and the item is gifted the Finder until his death in which it will join the past in the well guarded store rooms… The Remembrance’s location is known only to the two.